All-natural dog treats
made in the U.S.A.

Natural pet products reaching the highest standards in food safety.

Your dog IS family. And, you want the best for your tail-wagging loved one. Copper’s Classics® earns your trust by being minimally processed; using no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives; testing every batch for quality assurance; and promising true transparency in our production process. This dedication results in wholesome, all-natural dog treats—Copper’s Classics.

Copper’s Classics Products

Each of our all-natural dog treats is packaged to maintain freshness and maximize product wholesomeness.

Cow Ears

Dogs love the natural flavor; you’ll love the limited grease.

Pig Ears

Whole ears and limited grease make these a great choice.

Straight Pizzle Sticks

This popular chew has minimal odor and is available in two sizes.

Twisted Pizzle Sticks

The twist adds interest that dogs can’t resist.


Two sizes, both great for senior dogs because they’re a more tender chew.

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Pet Parents

want the best, all-natural, American-made treats for their furry family members.

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